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Help Us Reach the Public and Others !!!!

The NW Indiana Martial Artists and Parkourists Club believes in advancing the martial arts, Parkour, and Tricking into our community by charging no fees at all for training with us only that you provide your own equipment while you train. The NW Indiana Martial Artists and Parkourists Club works with numerous churches as well as community organizations in the NW Indiana area in providing a free venue for martial arts practitioners to train at and to advance Parkour and Tricking in our area. Our group is the only one in its existence that provides free martial arts instruction as well as Tricking and Parkour instruction for all ages and purposes.  If you can we need donations of old exercise and martial arts equipment, martial arts uniforms, building supplies, as well as financial donations to provide these services to the people of our program as well as the community.  If you would be so kind as to send your donations to:

Old Firehouse Community Center via Johnny Hunter

6055 W. 29th Ave.

Gary, Indiana 46406

we as well as the people who train and work with us would kindly appreciate your donations to help allow us to help spread the martial arts as well as Parkour and Tricking throughout NW Indiana through our actions and drive to master them. May you be blessed all who donate to us to spread the martial arts, Parkour, and Tricking to all who desire to learn it in NW Indiana. (Old Firehouse Community Center is a 501 (c) (3) Non-for- Profit Organization)

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